Blackfin-LogoBlackfin is a family-owned luxury eyewear brand, handmade in the Italian Alps. Each piece is made of beta-titanium, a more flexible material with strength and durability. In addition to full-frame options Blackfin has rimless designs for a weightless look. Half my personal collection is Blackfin, and even at 6 or 7 years old they look new.

logo-faniel-1 Faniel is hand-crafted in France of recycled materials, rendering completely unique patterns and coloration. Anne-Marie Faniel, the Canadian designer, is an Opera singer. Videos of her performances can be seen on YouTube. Faniel is also a family business: Anne-Marie’s husband is an optician and her daughter has started designing.

etnia_barcelona logo

Etnia Barcelona is a widely loved independent line from Spain. I love the unique color and pattern work inspired by Barcelona’s historic Gaudi buildings, but Etnia works with many visual artists in creating edgy and beautiful pieces. You can easily spend an hour on their website!

roger logoRoger Hoppenbrouwers, the Dutch designer and owner of Roger Eye Design, is serious about play. Easily the most eye-catching (pun intended) line in the shop; the “Cartoon” collection in particular elicits glee. If you want a memorable pair of glasses, Roger are it. These metal frames are light, bright, and priced much lower than comparable brands. Win-win!

eco logo

Eco frames are Artisan Eyewear’s top selling line, for 4 good reasons. Most feature a magnetic frame front for polarized, lightweight sunglass clips. All frames are made of recycled materials & the company plants a tree for every frame sold [over 2 million so far!]. The collection is modern, versatile and comfortable to wear. Lastly, they are [very] budget-friendly. Artisan Eyewear always stocks plenty of styles, for both men and women.


This young, NYC-based company is tons of fun. Niche is aptly-named: there is wide variety within the line of colors and shapes that the big companies can’t keep up with. This is an excellent collection to modify into polarized sunglasses.

mo logoThe best-selling frame line in Spain is also budget-friendly. Artisan Eyewear stocks many polarized mo sunglasses.

The best way to keep informed of our new frame styles is to follow Artisan Eyewear on INSTAGRAM: @artisaneyewear